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We recognize customer’s self-worth and assist them in various phases of their life cycle, thus helping in growing their net worth and achieving their dreams on their own terms. We will evolve as integrated financial services provider of repute, offering variety of financial services to suit every requirement of our clients. Our high performing team will work together to respond to complex business challenges facing our clients by offering informed perspectives, and delivering clear results.

A myopic vision is detrimental to the organization's success in the long term. Our subject matter specialists will offer valuable insights and various alternatives that will help our clients maintain the competitive edge in the longer term.


Asset/Fund Management Services

JJF Square has deep routed relations with many Sovereign Wealth funds, Pension funds, Hedge Funds and Venture Capitals. JJF Square has also formed a group with various family offices across the globe by taking care of their portfolios for their systematic investments. JJF Square deals with Indian as well as Overseas Cross Country transactions, Equities and Joint Ventures, JJF Square specialises in handling investments from International High and Ultra high Net Individuals and Families, Funds of Funds, International Banks, PE houses. JJF Square also specialises in raising high volume funds for public and private institutions. JJF Square also helps to establish and launch Indian companies in the Gulf and vice versa.


JJF Square also specializes in Export and Import of goods wherin through their extensive networks and connects globally JJF Square aims to provide for the requirements of different countries by connecting them to India.

Under the trading segment JJF Square uniquely contributes to the traders by providing them with end to end trading related support wherin a trader who wishes to trade and grow in a Sharia compliant/Self Sustaining way can work with us to fulfill his dream.

Manufacturing and Retail

Following our Mission of growing together JJF square has created a unique and exclusive distribution model wherin the common man can look forward to grow and earn to meet upto his requirement and also contributing towards the society. JJF is the exclusive distribution partner for ROLCER and its products India.

ROLCER is a high quality and a unique lubricant manufacturing company that works on creating niche products with authentic quality for the end user. ROLCER has revolutionalized the lubricant manufacturing industry and looks forward to contribute toward the society in substantial ways.

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